That crazy neighbor.... is me!

I saw several of my neighbors this afternoon coming and going while I was washing the car late this afternoon. I waved as they went by and they returned the gesture. My neighbors are probably used to seeing me wash the car each week. They're probably used to seeing me spend hours doing something that only takes them 30 minutes to complete. They've seen me use hot steaming water in near freezing weather. But ever since getting the STI, they're probably thinking I've taken car washing to a whole new level. I've washed the STI in the driveway. I've washed it in the garage. I've washed it at night. And this week alone, I've washed it three times.... Today, I did it in the rain.

The reason for today's wash is the Subaru BBQ tomorrow. It's been planned for awhile and I'll be going to the pre-meet so we can head down to White Rock as a group. For me it's all about the drive, but I can't bear to go to a meet with a dirty car. If it rains tomorrow, so be it, but there's a 40% chance it won't. The odds aren't in my favor, but I guess I'm a gambling man.


  1. I am with you my friend.. I am the crazy guy who spends his entire weekend cleaning his STi in his driveway


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