2006 Subaru STI: Rally Armor pictures

Today was beautiful and I was able to see what the Rally Armor looked in the sunshine and take some more pictures.


  1. Which ones did you purchase? The "classic" ones or the polyurathane ones? Easy to install?

  2. I bought the classic ones and yes, they were easy to install. It was tight clearance to access the screws for the rear flaps, but I used a stubby screwdriver. It would have been that much easier if I had removed the rear wheels. The fronts were no problem with clearance.

  3. Sweet, thanks for the heads up. I ordered the Red UR ones ... so, we'll see! Thanks again, and super sweet ride!

  4. Do you like the classics? Are they strong enough? I've seen a few that just flap in the wind and I don't want that. Please reply to kapital2811@hotmail.com

  5. The classics were good. Very stiff and sturdy. Definitely no flapping at all.


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