2006 STI - 5944 km - Oil and Filter Change

I went in for the STI's first oil and filter change today, just a little under the 6000 km recommended service interval. I went to Don Docksteader because just about everyone I've talked to has said they were happy with their service. The service area was very clean and professional looking and I could watch them actually working on my car which was neat. It was also very quick. My only question was that they used 10W-30 oil which is a different viscosity than what's recommended in the owner's manual. Actually, there are several viscosities listed, but 5W-30 is recommended for better fuel economy. The service agent explained that they used 10W-30 because of the climate that we are in.

On page 11-11 of my 2006 Owner's Manual it says a lower viscosity will improve fuel economy and recommends 5W-30. It also says in hot weather, higher viscosity is required to properly lubricate the engine. The diagram shows that 5W-30 is suitable for temperatures between -30 C to +40 C. I think that pretty much covers our climate since Vancouver has quite moderate temperatures. I'll monitor fuel consumption a bit more closely and who knows, maybe next time I'll have to bring in my own bottles of oil.

While I was waiting for the car I was able to pick up some official Subaru World Rally Team (SWRT) gear including a hat and a key chain that looks like a spark plug and has built in blue LED light and a pen. The hat is neat because it has an embedded hologram in the back.


  1. Hey, how about a pic of the hologram? :o)

  2. Your wish is my command (blog updated with a second picture of the hat) :grin:


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