We almost did it!

We almost made the deal yesterday to trade-in both our STI and Odyssey for a brand new Cadillac Escalade ESV. It had just about every option except two: No power retracting running boards and no 22" rims. (UPDATE: Looking more closely at the spec sheet I discovered that this one also does not have the cooled/ventilated seats--rats!) It would have looked basically like the one in the picture.

After so many weeks of looking and checking out different vehicles, we decided to take the next step and....

...work on some real numbers. We had the Subaru STI and Honda Odyssey appraised and the numbers came close to what I was expecting. The final deal was good and close to what we wanted, but we're in no hurry so I'm going to keep waiting a while longer.


  1. Okay, then if this is going to happen, then trade or sell the Burgman for a Ninja or Hayabusa sport bike. No disrespect for the Burg, but you'll need to have your STi fix....

  2. Ha,ha--a friend of mine called me tonight during dinner and basically made the same comment :LOL:

  3. Ever since you started looking at the Escalade, I've been noticing them here (around Raleigh, NC) and I must admit that they do look really good. Have you considered the GMC Denali in the similar trim?

  4. The Denali is very nice, too, and I have been checking them out. Another option is the Suburban optioned out or with the off-road package. I actually prefer the Chevy grille, but the 4-speed transmission is what's scaring me.

    My wife actually prefers these large barges for the long term. We always knew that the STI and Ody would be temporary. If we make a change now, it'll have to be the last one for a long time because we won't be able to change again with the way the large SUV market is heading.

    I kind of agree with her though, because I enjoy road trips and something that size would be great for getting the whole gang in to do the family vacations. Because the Burgman is my commuter vehicle (and I have a less-than-10-min. commute) we're less affected by gas prices for daily use.

    As it stands right now, we most likely won't be able to afford a new Escalade so the Denali/Suburban would be next in line. Of course, finding a used car configured the way we want would be the best. Time for more test drives!


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