'Montauk Monster' Has Hamptons in a Tizzy

FOXNews.com - 'Montauk Monster' Has Hamptons in a Tizzy

This instantly reminded me of another strange carcass that was discovered almost exactly two years ago: Is strange carcass hybrid mutant?

This time... "New York's celebrity-obsessed Hamptons summer season got even sillier this week when a strange-looking, very dead creature washed up on a beach in Montauk at the far eastern end of New York's Long Island....

The animal looks like a bloated, hairless dog, except that it's got an eagle-like beak, a prominent brow ridge and a curiously elongated front paw."

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  1. Maybe there's an island where they are doing animal experiments.....hmmmmm...;-) (wasn't there a movie like that with Marlon Brando - Island of Dr. Moreau?)


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