Road Trip 2007: Emergency Car Kit

I'm preparing an emergency kit right now for our road trip to the east coast this summer.

*Lasted updated Jun 13*

This is what I have so far (in no particular order):
  1. 12v air compressor
  2. jumper cables
  3. emergency triangle
  4. flares
  5. fire extinguisher (*update* I've decided to include it.)
  6. duct tape
  7. plastic bags
  8. multi-bit screwdriver
  9. Leatherman multi-tool
  10. wind-up radio with light/siren
  11. first aid kit
  12. jug of washer fluid/funnel
  13. florescent orange twine (I don't know why)
  14. work gloves
  15. bright orange jacket
  16. *update* bottle of engine oil
  17. *update* can of Fix-a-Flat
Things to add....

  • windproof lighter
  • wind-up flashlights
  • 6V lantern

Things I dumped (from when I used to go off-roading):
  • tow rope
  • hammer
  • nails
  • zip ties
  • shovel
Any opinions on the fire extinguisher? Since it will be in the back, it won't be much use to me if I need it right away, but I thought if I saw a situation involving someone else along our travels.

Have I forgotten anything?


  1. I guess the Ody came with a jack along with the spare?

    How about a quart of engine oil? I carry one all the time--though I've never had to use it.

    I'd bring the fire extinguisher. It's one of those things that if you need one, you *really* need one, regardless if it's loaded in the back.

  2. Good point about the fire extinguisher. I cleared out some more space, and now I have lots of room to carry it.


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