2006 Subaru STI - Trico Innovision Wiper Blades

I changed the wiper blades on my 2006 Subaru Impreza STI before I went on the cruise to Alki Beach 3 last weekend. I wanted to get Bosch Icons, but LORDCO didn't have the right size (22" and 17") so I got Trico Innovisions instead...

The Trico wiper blades are similar to the Bosch Icons in that they are frameless. My original STI blades were quite worn and streaking and should have been changed long ago. I also noticed that they lifted a bit at high speeds. Overall though, they lasted for 1.5 years and that's not bad.

The Trico Innovision worked reasonably well. It gave even pressure all along the wiper blade and there was only a little lifting of the bottom edge of the driver's side wiper at high speeds--nothing that affected my vision. The look takes a bit to get used to, though. I might try out the Bosch Icons next time around.


  1. Hey it's Charles. I would say the ICONs are the best. I tried Valeo and now ICONS on the WRX. ICONS are more sleaker, like the real stock stuff on the newer cars today. Nonetheless, frameless wipers are pretty good.

  2. bosch icons are great... should have been more patient ;)

  3. ha, ha--I got the message. The Icons will be next.


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