2006 Honda Odyssey - 9194 km - Brake repair under warranty

I went in to the Honda dealership to get the brakes checked on our 2006 Honda Odyssey today.

I found a service bulletin about the brakes on OdyClub.com and even though my VIN number didn't fit within the range of the ones given in the service bulletin, my symptoms were very similar. If any repairs needed to be made under warranty, I wanted to make sure that it got checked out before we left. Also, I just didn't feel confident going on a long road trip with the brakes making noises like that....

What the dealership ended up doing was turn and machine both the front and rear rotors under warranty. The service adviser said the cause was "excessive braking" and told me not to ride the brakes when going down a hill. I didn't say anything right then, but thinking back, I should have. I should have told him that I never ride my brakes and since we live on top of a mountain I always shift into "2" when I'm going down so that I don't have to use the brakes too much. They did not replace the pads as specified in the service bulletin, and now I'm worried that if it's the pads that caused the problem, and the pads were not changed, then the problem will re-occur :o(

April 15, 2008 UPDATE: The grinding brakes on my 2006 Honda Odyssey have reoccurred.


  1. You could always phone the service advisor to ask about your concerns and the pads/TSB, explaining that you're planning a long road-trip, and see what he says.

  2. exactly, simply call the service and they will take care of all your questions and concerns.


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