Waterland was my very first web page and I created it almost eleven years ago in 1995. I'm surprised that it's still up. That page links to some places we travelled that year (unfortunately, not all the links work anymore). It was the year my wife's airline benefits kicked in and we took advantage of it. The most memorbable moments included when we went to Japan and Taiwan during spring break shortly after the big earthquake in Kobe. Once, I accompanied my wife to Osaka and came back on the turnaround flight after I saw her off at Kansai Airport--it was a long commute but at least it was in business class:0). Another time we opened up the flight schedule book and found the farthest place we could fly to in one weekend. We left for Glasgow, Scotland on Friday, bought tickets for a show at The King's Theatre on Saturday, and returned home to Vancouver on Sunday. Along our travels we also had close encounters with Joe Clark (former prime minister) and Jeff Goldblum (who was filming Jurassic Park in Kaua'i). We also rented a 4x4 and visited one of the beaches where they filmed Waterworld.

Oh yeah, the title "Waterland" is a reference to the movie of the same name released the year my wife and I married.


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