2006 Subaru STI: K&N Typhoon Sound Clips

There was one more thing I had to reset after installing the K&N Typhoon short ram air intake yesterday and that was the shift light and alarm. I set it go on at 5500 rpm. Anyway, today I grabbed the camcorder and my wife helped take some video clips to record the sound. I made the image small to keep the file sizes manageable, but left the audio "as is" so you can hear what the Typhoon sounds like on a stock STI. Actually, it's hard to capture the true sound because it's so dynamic. The sound of the engine sucking in the air is just phenomenal. There's just nothing like experiencing it first hand :big_grin: Others have described it in many different ways, but it still reminds me of a big windup and then cracking a whip.

Video Clip 1 - Windows closed
This first clip is with the windows closed. Because I was accelerating quickly, you don't get to hear the air winding up that much.

Video Clip 2 - Windows open
In the second clip, I had both front windows open to see if the sound would be louder. The only problem is as the speed rises, wind noise becomes more noticeable.

Video Clip 3 - Driveby
For this third clip, my wife was standing at the side of the road as I drove by.

Video Clip 4 - Cruising
This last clip is on the street, acclerating more slowly so that you can hear the sound of the air sucking in a bit more.


  1. hi there. i originally found your blog via iwsti.

    as a fellow relatively matured 06 sti owner, i'm interested in your experience with the k&n intake a few months on. have you had any negative reactions from dealership, etc?

    i've gotta say it sure does sound good in those clips of yours. my car is still totally stock and my biggest complaint is the lack of drama (noise/chest beating) that goes along with it's awesome performance.

    considered any exhaust mods?

    anyway, if you have the inclination, drop me a line via my website. thanks!

  2. I took the car in for it's first service at the dealership and they did not make any comments about the K&N. The work area is completely open so you can watch them working on your car and I noticed the service manager taking a good look at it. I don't know if they made a note about it on their computers or not.

    After living with the K&N intake for a few months, I hardly notice it any more. I know some people have removed it because they got tired of the sound, but for me it just blends into the background now. I guess having the soundtrack to "Ella Enchanted" playing over and over in the car helps mask it :eek:. In normal driving, I can hardly hear it at all. It really is only under brisk acceleration, that I hear the brief inhaling and exhaling that makes me glad I have a turbo :biggrin:

    I would like an exhaust mod in the future. There's a local car around here with Stage 2 mods and I've heard his exhaust. It has the rumble of big block V8--one of the best sounds that I've ever heard. When my STI grows up, it wants to sound like that!

    However, the owner did tell me that his backseat passengers are not always appreciative of the sound ;D so I don't think I'll do that mod until the STI becomes a 2nd vehicle. I think The K&N is best for me now especially since it is our family car and I have to consider the comfort of my wife and children :0) So for additional drama right now, I just downshift and keep the revs up :evilgrin:

  3. After Installing the K&N into your sti did you go and get it tuned or are you running it as is? If so have you seen any problems with the engine, or any random lights coming on on the dash? I am interested in putting an intake into my 2006 Sti and am having trouble trying to find an intake that will cause to much hassle on the install and problems afterwards.

  4. I did not have the car tuned after installing the K&N. After using it for over a year, I had no problems with the K&N at all. No engine lights, no deterioraion in power, no random issues. It was one of my favorite mods.

    Later on, I bought an AccessPort and tuned the engine to Stage 1 using the K&N and the STI was even better.

  5. Hello.....please tell me...i have a subaru impreza wrx sti mod.2006 with 2.500cc....its a PRODRIVE subaru with 320hp...you think with this K$N typhoon kit i will see any difference on my HP?? i hear that this kit gives you 10-15HP more power!!! is it true???

  6. I'm sure you'd need to get the engine professionally tuned to see any benefits. Prodrive must have various "Stages" of tuning to take advantage of a cold air intake and exhaust. Installing the intake without changing the programming won't give you a noticeable increase in power.

  7. Installed my typhoon last week. Did you experience significant increases in fuel consumption?

  8. I did not notice a significant increase in fuel consumption, however, I normally drive with a heavy foot. The K&N probably made me work the throttle a little more just to hear the sound.


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