Group Buy!

Well, I've entered my first group buy. It's for a new product that is in production right now and should be shipping at the end of March (no more hints right now)--Woo hoo, I can't wait! I'll post up pictures when it arrives. I've also ordered some Rally Armor mudflaps that are at my brother's place right now. I won't receive them until my dad picks them up for me in April.

Currently I'm on the hunt for new set of wheels. It's extremely difficult finding good quality lightweight 17x8 wheels with the correct offset and bolt pattern for the '06 STI that won't take 2 months to arrive from Japan. The OEM BBS wheels are forged and reportedly about 19 lbs each. That's not really light for a forged wheel, but it's supposed to be very strong. I prefer something the same weight or lighter. I've almost taken the plunge a few times but I can't decide if I want to sacrifice weight or not.

As for the STI, I'm enjoying it very much! I'm getting much smoother and I'm practicing my launches. You can see from my fuel consumption stats that it's only slightly better than the Sequoia and I think that's mostly because I do a lot of city driving. Plus I love to hear the sound of the boxer engine :big grin: Speed is really deceptive in the STI and sometimes I don't realize how quickly it zips until I notice that all the cars behind me are suddenly tiny little dots! Bends and twists are amazing because the STI corners so flat. The more I drive it, the more I want to try it out on a track--I feel it calling out to me....

BTW, I just looked out my window and it's started snowing again. The weather this winter has been really weird.


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