Road Trip 2008: Aston and Martin?

On our way down to Seattle on the I-5, I saw this in my rear view mirror, an Aston Martin DB9:

You can imagine my envy seeing this DB9 (a fellow Canadian) passing us by with some open road ahead:

I especially love the Aston Martin Vanquish which I think is an awesome name and one of the most beautiful cars in the world. Of course when it came to naming our fourth daughter....

...Vanquish wouldn't have been appropriate at all. So her name became Aston. Here she is at the Portland Children's Museum in Oregon happily defying death at the jaws of a big-toothed in amphibian in need of a cleaning.

At the end of the week after our road trip, my wife had her ultrasound and we found out that the girls are going to get a little brother. Maybe I should name him Martin so that I can complete the series ;0)


  1. That would be awesome. Or name him Handsome Rob, from that movie The Italian Job...(his favorite car was a Vanquish)....

  2. I think thats brilliant, Congratulations by the way! It's always a blessing when a new life comes in to the world.

    As for the Aston I share your envy, Theres a guy that owns a loan business in Old town, here in Swindon and he's always driving by in his DB9 or F430, it's nice to see them though


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