Happiness Is a Warm Steering Wheel

With apologies to The Beatles, I have to admit that one feature of our 2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali that I didn't think I would use turns out to be really, really--I mean, really--nice. It's the heated steering wheel.

While the rain around here the last few days hasn't made the temperatures super cold, it has been in the low teens °C (upper-50's °F) in the mornings and I guess the dampness just makes it that much harder to head out the door. That makes it a perfect opportunity to switch on the heated steering wheel.

There's a metal ring embedded in the steering wheel that heats up quite quickly after you turn it on. Almost immediately you feel the warmth. The wood trim on the outside of the wheel doesn't get direct heat, but you can feel it in the leather right where your fingers are and it sure feels nice. I'm the kind of person who likes a cool breeze, so I'll have the A/C going on full blast on mild days and the windows open and the heat up in the winter. Sometimes though, my hands do get cold from the breeze and the cold air from the upper vents so this heated steering wheel is the perfect solution. There's no need for gloves and it never gets too hot. My fingers are so nice and cozy that I'm even reluctant to let go of the steering wheel to get out of the truck.

This is what happiness is :0)

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