2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali - Driver Information Center

The GMT900-series platform introduced for the 2007 model year is General Motors' latest generation of full-size SUVs and trucks. These vehicles include the Chevy Tahoe/Suburban, GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade. Another thing that they share in common is a feature with a curious acronym called the Driver Information Center (DIC). With the DIC, users can customize options like:
  • Display Language
  • Auto Door Lock
  • Auto Door Unlock
  • Remote Door Lock
  • Remote Door Unlock
  • Delay Door Lock
  • Exit Lighting
  • Approach Lighting
  • Chime Volume
  • Park Tilt Mirrors
  • Easy Exit Seats
  • Memory Seat Recall
  • Remote Start
Of course, not every vehicle in the line-up has the all the features. As the GM owner's manual states:

"Only the options available will be displayed on your DIC."

I can see it now: America's driveways filled with excited new GM owners playing with their DICs to see what they can make it do!



  1. It's sealed. The money is paid and the papers signed. I just needed some time to clean up the Ody and STI. Plus, the dealer is installing some accessories for me.

    The official transfer of keys is tomorrow :0)

  2. We should have a ceremony for the Ody and the STI.... I'm going to drive my Honda in the memory of your Ody..;-)


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