VW R32: Getting my music back, part II

It took a while, but a few days ago I received a call telling me that the part King VW had ordered on my behalf had arrived (see Getting my music back).

I'm relieved to say that today's trip to the dealership was much more efficient compared to the last. First, they were able to do this on a Saturday. Second, I was in and out in 90 minutes. Hurrah!

Unfortunately, my quest for a satisfactory VW service department is still ongoing. The elevation lever for the driver's seat is acting oddly--it still works, but now there's more play in it than I remember it having. I'm going to have Pro-Imports look at it. Taking the R in to VW service for a relatively inexpensive (I hope!) repair is not worth the stress of wondering whether the R will come out in better condition than it went in, regardless of whether or not it's covered under warranty.

Oops. I almost forgot to mention that the OEM CD player is a Panasonic (part no. PAN-AS9-999).


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