Let's Make a Deal

I did it. I just got off the phone and the deal is made. I've traded in the Sequoia for a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. I checked out another dealership yesterday and they had one Word Rally Blue STI with 48 km on it in stock. I would have liked less mileage on it, but the deal includes one fog lamp and installation. I'll pay for the other fog lamp at cost. I'm going in to sign the papers tomorrow and arrange for delivery. Wow... It's still just sinking in....

Woo, hoooo!


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  2. Oops. I thought that button was "edit". Ugh. I guess spelling mistakes aren't that bad. Anywhoo...

    Wangos! I can't believe you did it. Do you know if the the STI is a full-time AWD or is it like the R32? You'll definitely have to give me a ride :o) Did you go for the gold wheels?

    Btw. The top two pics are amazing.

  3. It's full time AWD. I thought the R32 was full time?

    Anyway, it has a driver controlled center differential. You can set it from a 50/50 front/rear split to a 41/59 split. However, most people say just leave it on auto unless you want to crash ;0)

    I'm going to be signing the papers tomorrow, but I'll try to arrange for delivery on Saturday. It'll be here when you arrive :0) In Canada, we don't get a choice in wheel colours. The blue only comes with gold wheels. Actually, black was my first choice and had even convinced my wife that black would be nice (she likes steel grey)--but this one was in stock and they were interested in selling it.

  4. Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning the wheels in Canada before.

    The R32 drives as a FWD, normally, but when it detects slip it can send up to 100% torque to the rear, IIRC.


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