The Deed is Done

It's been 24 hrs since I picked up the STI and I still can't believe what I have. I posted these impressions on a local forum:

I've never experienced anything like it before. I started to get an inkling of it after the salesman pointed out some of features inside. The car had been idling and when I shut the engine off and got out I saw vapours coming out of the exhaust. I thought to myself: Wow, that looks cool.

I'm babying it now and keeping the revs under 4000 rpm during the break in period. The steering is so responsive (not like the sloppy dead zone there is in the Sequoia) that I took one hand off the wheel to turn on the defroster and almost went into the next lane :eek: ! This car and I are going to have a lot of "getting-to-know-you" time :biggrin: And turbo? Hwy #1, straight stretch, no cars, in sixth....hmm, that's a neat sound....whoa. (And that was just half throttle under 4000 rpms!) Sorry I'm babbling like a giddy school girl but I feel like a kid again with the new car. I opened my garage this morning and I still couldn't believe what I saw. I had to laugh out loud :lol:


  1. Woohoo! I can't wait until I get a close look at it. It looks great - a lean, mean driving machine.


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