Huper Optik Tint Update

I haven't been saying much about the tint because I was doing some research. Subaru has their amplified radio antenna embedded in the rear glass above the defroster wires just like Audi. Unfortunately, since adding the tint, I've pretty much lost all AM reception. In my research, I've found a few other people with the same problem but most of the responses say that any metallic tint will affect radio reception. But that's why I went for the more expensive, ceramic-based Huper Optik. I went back to the shop to confirm that Huper Optik was used and they're going to see if they can find any info about radio reception, too. They said they only had one similar problem and that was also with a Subaru. Out of all the posts I've read, only one said any tint that covers the rear window will affect radio reception. There was one site that had some solutions to try, but they all involve cutting the tint into pieces. The strange thing is the tint doesn't even cover the entire anntenna and if I touch it or the I touch the defroster lines, reception comes back. Actually reception comes back even if I just wave my hand nearby.

As for the actual installation, it was 100% top notch. They did a really good job with the side windows that you almost can't tell that it's aftermarket. The back window looks good, too, but I'll need to go back for a bit of touch-up in a couple weeks.


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