2006 STI - Odometer: 412 km

I filled up my first tank of gas today. When I picked up the car, the dealership only filled it up 3/4 full which I thought was kind of cheap. Every other new car I bought came with a full tank of gas--even the Toyota Tercel I bought in 1988. The salesguy did offer to pay for the first oil change which was nice.

I cruised out to Abbotsford. I wanted to go further, but I was coming from West Van and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. On top of that I had to drive around the gas station a few times before I could turn in because of all the center dividers. At first I pulled into the Shell station but they only had 91 octane so I had to go around the block again to go to the Chevron to get 94. It would have been hilarious :rolleyes: if I ran out of gas circling the stations.

While I was on the highway I noticed a Jeep Cherokee driving sort of funny. He would sort of speed up and then stay behind me in the fast lane. He'd let me change lanes to pass slow cars but when I changed back, he sped up again to follow behind me. The second time that happened I noticed the passenger was putting away a camera. I let him pass and he gave me an "OK" sign.

Speed is so deceptive in the STI. I basically see some open road, point the car in that direction, press on the gas pedal, and I'm there lickity-split. All of a sudden cars are way behind me and I can see I'm approaching vehicles very rapidly but it just doesn't feel like I'm going that fast. I think part of it is how many numbers there are squished on the speedometer. It looks quite dense. Compared with other cars like the Sequioa, when the needle is showing 40 km/h, on the STI that same needle position indicates 80 km/h. When the needle would normally show 80-100 km/h (50-60 mph), on the STI you're much closer to 140 km/h. The car feels so stable though that the only way you know how fast you're going is when you look at the speedometer....

One last thing: I broke one of the Rubbermaid storage containers I bought for keeping in the trunk. The design of the trunk hinges is not like the smart design they had on the Passat. The hinges actually intrude into the storage area and take up space. If you have anything tall in that area of the trunk it can get damaged when the trunk lid is closed--or the trunk just won't close at all. I had taken one of the containers out this morning before our trip to Costco. When I was unloading the car, I pushed the other container to the side and when I tried to close the lid the hinge broke a chunk of plastic off the side of the container.


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