Baby, You Can Drive My Car

I figured I should probably test drive the car I'm going to buy before I actually buy it. So tonight that's what I did. To be fair, the salesguy did offer me a test drive the first day before the deal had been done, but at that time I wasn't interested. As soon as I pulled up to the dealership tonight, I could see my STI (I have to get used to saying that!) parked under the covered area by the service desk. The salesguy met me at the door with plate and keys in hand and we got in. The seats were way more comfortable than in the base wagon. I familiarized myself with some of the controls and checked the mirrors and promptly did a double-take: "Hey, what's that blocking my view--oh, that's the spoiler!" I started the engine, the lights lit up and all systems were go. The scoop on the hood, the spoiler in the back, and the fancy startup sequence of the brightly glowing red guages all made me feel like I was in the cockpit of a space ship. OK, I think I'm going to like this car :0)

And the ride? Wow! Smooth, controlled, precise, the STI felt great. The road I went on had some bumps and train tracks and the ride was not harsh. It was quiet, too. I couldn't hear the engine at all when we were stopped at a light. I was a bit rough with 1-2 shift a couple of times, but probably far better than if had I not test driven the wagon earlier this week. I didn't dare take the engine over 4000 rpms. I know the STI and I are going to have some real nice getting-to know-you time :0)

As of tonight the non-refundable deposit has been made so I'm one step closer. The delivery date? It's been moved up--Yippee! I was holding off because I had scheduled a warranty repair on the Sequoia (the gear lever won't shift into "L") for next Tuesday, which I rescheduled for Friday. But the Subaru guys told me not to worry about it--they'll take care of it--Yippee x2! The fog lights won't be installed at the time of course, so that will be scheduled for later. In the meantime, here's a picture of one of the STI's relatives:


  1. I'm excited just reading about it ;o) Too bad it's winter, though. It's going to take work to keep it clean.

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