Stupid gasoline prices

Gasoline prices have been annoying. Back in 2004 I was paying $1.94 per gallon--today, I paid $4.10!? That's more than double. The price increased by six cents just this past week. I never thought I'd say this, but I think I can now understand the appeal of a scooter.

Still, whenever I feel like complaining I always remember that there are a lot of countries paying even more than in the USA.


  1. Indeed, there are a lot of countries where motorists have to pay a lot more! I live in the Netherlands, and today we pay €1.61 per litre. That would be 3.8 * €1.61 = €6.12 per gallon. Converted with today's exchange rate that equals $9.67 per gallon :S

    On my drive to school I pass by a Tango station daily and for the past few weeks I have seen the price of a liter rising by a eurocent per day.... Completely unbelievable when you realise that the gasoline you put in your car today was pumped out of a field more than 2 years ago, and prices were considerably lower back then!

  2. $9.67?! Incredible. That would probably cause mass protests here in the USA. :o)

  3. Yeah I guess it would... But comparing prices this way is perhaps not really honest, what matters most is the rise of prices in percentages. For our both countries roughly the same holds: prices have doubled in the last 2 to 3 years... the only downside for the Netherlands is that our starting point was considerably higher then your starting point ;)


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