Subaru Impreza WRX STI: In-car Camera Mount

GPS City Canada RAM Mount Aluminum Video Camera Zinc Coated U-Bolt Mount

I really like the Internet. I've always known how handy it is to get information about something by searching for it online, but today I was reminded of it when I was looking for some way to mount a camera inside my car....

I signed up for a track day in late June and I thought it would be neat to get video footage of me driving the STI. I've heard that most tracks don't allow you to have a camera, but I figured even if they said no, at least I'd have something to use another time.

I searched for lots of different solutions and decided that I would like something that could fit the tether anchor bolt on the hat shelf behind the rear seats. I saw lots of DYI projects and some professional ones that didn't seem to fit where I wanted it. So I posted my question on a forum and this morning followed a link that someone gave me that looked promising. Then I Googled the part number, found a Canadian company that was selling it online, and placed my order. It was shipped out this afternoon. I'll say it again: I love the Internet!

One additional benefit to this particular RAM mount is that I should be able to mount it on the handlebars of my Suzuki Burgman, too. It will be handy if I ever buy a portable GPS to use on it.


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