Suzuki Burgman 400: Shift Havoc Pant

Shift Racing

It only took me three years, but I finally bought a riding pant that I like for when I'm on my Suzuki Burgman 400. It's the Shift Havoc Pant, a "hybrid" leather and textile combination that I found was quite comfortable. It has padding on the knees and will provide much better abrasion protection than the regular jeans I normally wear....

What I like about the Havoc Pants is that they pretty much fit like regular jeans. The leather/textile combo is soft and comfortable with a loose fit. They do seem to fit a little low around the waist making them feel almost like low-risers, but it shouldn't be a big problem.


  1. Do they fit over your normal pants?

  2. No. I decided to go against getting overpants because most of the ones I tried were too bulky. These ones are so much more comfortable, especially in warmer weather.


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