Honda Odyssey: Service B Brake Repair, 31946 km

This is a follow-up to this post I made a couple days ago about the grinding brakes on my Honda Odyssey.

The service reminder on the dash board indicated that I needed a Service B, so I made an appointment at my dealership. This was actually a very pleasurable experience because I was able to do everything through email and they were able to answer some questions I had about the brakes....

I mentioned the grinding brakes and the service advisor explained that the "B" Service included servicing the brakes. He quoted me prices to replace the pads/rotors if that didn't fix the problem. I mentioned my declining confidence in the OEM brake pads and he said that Honda had reformulated the pads. We could talk about after-market replacements if needed when they actually diagnosed the problem.

The problem turned out to be warped rotors (again) and lucky for me, repairs were carried under warranty (again).

During the service they also fixed a rattle on the driver-side second row seat that had been bothering me ever since we got back from our road trip. It was annoying because it only rattled when no one was sitting in it.

The thing I forgot to ask about was the DST fix, but that can wait.

Items included in the "B" Service:

Work performed:


  1. that is really great you get to do everything by email!
    i should ask my dealership if im able to do this.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. I've been having that exact same problem from very early on. EVERY time I took it to the Dealership to get I told them there was something wrong with the brakes, and EVERY time they said they couldn't find anything. So, it's WARPED ROTORS. Thanks.


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