Honda Odyssey: 31500 km, Grinding Brakes Again

Follow-up of 2006 Honda Odyssey Brake Repair Under Warranty

Thankfully, we made through our cross-continent road trip last summer without any brake issues and there were no times I needed to use the brakes in an emergency situation.

However, now at 31500 km, the grinding problem has returned. The brakes grind under moderate to heavy braking and also when the brakes have been heated from repeated stops. It does NOT inspire confidence. I do not believe that my 2006 Honda Odyssey will be able to perform an emergency stop....

Since Honda only seemed to put a band-aid fix on my brakes last time, I'm going to look for an aftermarket solution to improve the brake performance on my 2006 Honda Odyssey.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Grinding Brakes repaired under warranty


  1. That's annoying. I guess it's not because the ABS is activating unnecessarily?

  2. It's not the ABS because I've activated it before on the Honda and it feels and sounds different. This is grit-your-teeth-metal-on-metal grinding.

    What bugs me is that it's only been about 14000 km since they last resurfaced the rotors and it's only that much because we did a lot of highway driving.


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