Easter 2006

Something's happening to Easter and I'm not sure what to make of it. All of a sudden it seems to have taken on an aura of Christmas. My kids wrote a note, drew pictures, and left candy out (in a chocolate cookie nest that Cal made at school) for the Easter bunny. Ken gladly gave up the large chocolate egg she received from her teacher because, "The Easter bunny is going to be giving us more." Hmm....

I know I'm guilty of playing it up at Christmas, but I didn't think that it would extend into other holidays, too. The kids even recieved Littlest Pet Shop gifts (the latest craze) from Grandma and my wife. Sid presented us with a card she made at school and Cal made one for us at home. Ken, the youngest, went around and gave everyone special Easter hugs. Anyway, I'm not complaining, just a little amused. We had a wonderful brunch my wife prepared this morning and I'm looking forward to the special turkey dinner we will have tonight.

I installed Skype last night and told R32argent to do the same, so I'm waiting for his call. Also, to continue with the crazy weather, we had large hail last night that covered everything with ice and reminants of it were left behind this morning.


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