2006 STI - 5271 km - Minor maintenance

In preparation for the drive down to the DCI BBQ tomorrow I did some final checks on the car. After giving the STI a quick wash and detailing the windows, I re-torqued the wheel nuts and checked the tire pressure--both were OK. The spare tire was low (about 45 psi) so I pumped it up to the recommended 60 psi (actually 62 psi for good luck). The engine oil was also low, so I added about 750ml of 5w30. I'm still on snow tires, which is unfortunate, but my new wheels aren't expected to arrive for another 3 weeks. The Hankook Icebears I have are ultra-high performance winters with silica compounds, so they should hold up well.

This will be the first long distance cruise in the STI and I'm looking forward to it. The forcast for the Lower Mainland is rain in the afternoon, but the system is coming from the south so Seattle will get it first. I bought an FM transmitter for our MP3 player and tonight my wife was working on some new playlists for the kids.


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