2006 STI - Spring Cleaning

It doesn't really feel like spring until we set our clocks to daylight savings time. Today was the day and luckily enough the weather turned out quite nice. I took advantage by washing the car and doing some minor detailing and snapping pictures of things I haven't had a chance to take pictures of until now.

Gas Spill Guard

I bought the spill guard from Canadian Tire way back when I had the Passat. I eventually removed it from the Passat because the gas filler area was small, the filler door was plastic, and the splash guard seemed to make the door stick out a bit. On the Subaru, the filler area is much larger and the door is metal and there's plenty of clearance for the rubber guard.

Rear Seat Cover and Three Child Seats

The blue seat cover is from Canadian Tire, too, and is a reasonable match for the STI interior. Most important is that it protects the rear bench from the kids.

AutoTaser on the STI

I have plenty of pictures of the AutoTaser on the Passat and the Sequioa. In fact I even have video clips of it working in the Sequoia. These are the first pictures of it on the STI. Since I couldn't get anymore of those warning stickers from Taser International, I had a local print shop make some up for me. Unfortunately, the minimum order was 250 so I have a lot of extras if anyone's interested :0) (Leave a comment or send me an email, seriously.)

Husky Liners

The Husky Liners fit really well in the front and do a good job of catching dirt. I had to do some extra trimming in the front because of the switches on the floor and because I wanted to see the dead pedal. Normally the liner covers it, but since I had purchased an aftermarket one, I wanted to make sure it wasn't hidden. I only have this picture of the passenger side because the lighting wasn't good on the driver's side.


Here's what it looks like in the car. It's quite easy to use and now when I'm driving it doesn't feel right if I'm not sitting tight.

K&N Typhoon

It's been about a week since I installed the intake and everything is running great. I checked it out to make sure that everything was secure and re-tightened the screws for the MAF and the intake pipe. I've noticed that if I'm driving normally the intake doesn't make a lot of noise. Some people have complained about how loud it is, but it doesn't seem that loud to me. In the picture below you can see the air snorkel coming from the front of the car, going into the left fender and coming back out through that black circle directed at the filter.

VW R-Line Sticker

Ever vehicled I've owned since I sold my beloved Passat has had some sort of homage to Volkswagen, since that's where my car obsession started. On the Mazda, it was a VWvortex sticker. On the Sequoia it was Volkswagen Racing. So it was only fitting to put something on the STI, too.

And yet another sticker! :rolleyes:

For someone who debadged all his previous cars, this STI sure has a lot of stickers! This one is from a web site I visit and was originally much larger. I cut it out so that I could use only part of the text. I figure that for anyone who recoginizes what it is, the "www" and ".com" are redundant.


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