Cold commute with cherry blossom skies

This picture was of the sunset a few days ago. Guess what the colours remind me of :0).

Yesterday morning there was a beautiful full moon setting behind the mountains. Today's temperature was -1 C and the street in front of my house has been sparkling with ice crystals the last couple of weeks. With the BFG All-Terrains gone with the Sequioa, I had to choose between riding on two inappropriate tires with the Burgman or on four inappropriate tires with the STI ;0). Given the relative newness of the STI the choice was easy. So, I've been commuting on the Burgman the last couple of days. My fingertips get numb even with the heated grips and my ride is more tense because I'm worried about black ice. I've been taking corners really slow, trying not to lean the bike too far. The tar strips on the patched up road are particularly slippery. On Monday I'll be getting winter tires put on the STI so I'll be able to drive that around with more confidence.

Here's a bit of trivia about the STI taken from Unabomber's Manifesto at NASIOC.COM:
What's the deal with the pink color associated with STi stuff?

It's technically called Cherry Blossom Red. Cherry Blossoms are the national symbol as well as a symbol of spring. As well, in Japanese culture, pink is ssociated with masculine symbolism, which is in contrast to Western culture.


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