2006 STI - ODO: 1562 km - Fog Light Install

I had the OEM fog lights installed at the dealership today. Unfortunately they didn't order the trim piece (as you can see in the picture) so the job is incomplete. On top of that they washed the car (which I wasn't expecting) and put about five scratches on the right rear fender :mad: !!! I'm going to have to spend some time polishing that out and putting a good coat of wax on it.

Next time I'm going to have to be very specific and tell them NOT to wash the car.

As for the fog lights, I DON'T recommend them for anyone with the HIDs that come on the '06 STI. The HIDs do such a great job of illuminating the area in front of the car it makes the fog lights redundant. And it seems to me, if there is glare from the HIDs, all I need to do is aim them lower with the adjustment dial. Well, maybe my opinion will change once we get some real fog. We'll see.


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