2006 STI - Odometer: 139 km

On the first night of getting the car (Wednesday) I installed a set of 4 Michelin all-weather floor mats I bought from Costco (~$50), put the child seats in the back, and programmed the REV indicator (shift) light and buzzer (page 3-10). It had gotten very late and I was too tired to read much of the owner's manual. On Thursday, I read a bit more and learned how to set the climate control system, but with family commitments I couldn't do much more than drive from one errand to another :0) The Rubbermaid containers I used in the Sequoia were too tall to fit in the trunk so I bought two shorter clear containers ($25) that fit. This will let us load up groceries and stuff without it rolling all over the place.

Tonight I was able to do a closer inspection of the car. The manual says don't use the intercooler water spray in cold weather so you should keep the tank half empty or less in case the water freezes (page 3-31). A full tank of frozen water could break it. I guess I'm being paranoid, but I emptied out 1.5 L which was what I thought was about half. Recommended pressure for the stock 225/45/17 tires is 36 psi front, 30 psi rear. The dealer set it at approximately 33 psi all around. I adjusted them to the correct amount. Also, when I checked the engine bay, it didn't look like there was any washer fluid so I topped it up. The last thing I adjusted was the clock since it was still set on daylight savings. It's easy to set because there are separate hour and minute buttons, but one nice feature is the "Set" button that when pressed changes the clock to the nearest hour. That's perfect for me because I like to set all my clocks to the official time clock I hear on CBC Radio.

BTW, did you spot the VW content in one of the pictures?

More trivia from Unabomber's Manifesto at NASIOC.COM:
Why do some people call it a Scooby or Rex?

In the UK, the car is affectionately known as Scooby after the cartoon character Scooby Doo, which rhymes with Subaru. The first film reference known is in the 1989 film Always in which Richard Dreyfuss is a Subaru car salesman and his friend John Goodman refers to him as selling Scooby Doos. Meanwhile, in Australia, the common nickname is Rex, which rhymes with WRX.


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