VW R32: My Inconvenient Truth

I have to sell my R.

I accepted a job in Canada so I have to sell my R.

I thought it might happen. I considered the possibility it might happen but I didn't think it actually would happen. It looks like it is in fact happening. It looks like Volkswagen's decision to not have the 2004 VW Golf R32 comply with Canadian regulations is soon to bite me in my posterior.

Why? Because it's not just a matter of changing a bumper. The 2004 R32 is completely inadmissable in Canada until 2019. I can drive my R in Canada with U.S. insurance, but I can't insure the R in Canada.



  1. You could have gotten your brother's STi, bummer! Congrats on the new job.

    Are the R32s not allowed in Canada?

  2. R32s can be driven in Canada, but not insured in Canada, until 2019 for the 2004 model.

    I was looking at the STI, but it has fairly poor fuel mileage. I'm thinking about a WRX but as far as I can tell from their website the 2009 doesn't have HID or navigation options. :o(


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