Car Quest

Now that I'm looking for a new car I'm getting a little excited despite the upcoming loss of my R. My absolute requirements are navigation and HIDs. Navigation from manufacturers are often massively over-priced, but with my R I've realized the exorbitant prices might be worth it.

More beneath the fold....

There was no nav option with my R, so I've been making do with a portable GPS. Except I don't carry it with me all the time, and I don't leave it in the R. A few occasions I found myself wishing I had brought my GPS with me -- only a few occasions but nonetheless highly aggravating ones.

Anywhoo, I liked the navigation system on my dad's G35 so that's what I looked at first. The dealer has an excellent deal ($7-8k < MSRP) on a 2008 G35 sport 6MT they need to get rid of to make way for the 2009s. Great, but not practical -- I've read that the rear seats don't even fold down. I'd like more space than that.

I looked at the 1- and 3-series, but they're expensive and not too practical. Pity.

When I think of practical I think of space, which means hatchbacks. I kind of like them. Big surprise, eh?

I looked at a MazdaSpeed3 -- great price but only a FWD, and it must have massive torque steer.

So... at this moment in time, and the situation may change, but I'm debating between a 2009 Audi A3 quattro and a 2008 STI. The problem is that with the options I want the A3 may have to be ordered -- which would take too long -- and the A3 will probably be more expensive with the worst financing compared to Subaru. My concern with the Subaru is that I've read that there's a lot of turbo lag in the STi.

Oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to get a test drive this weekend to see for myself.


  1. Get the SIT tuned like I did with the Accessport and it completely eliminates turbo lag. Even without it, once you know how to properly drive the STI, turbo lag is not a problem!

    I know things might be changing about trading in the R32, but you should still try to test drive an '08 STI :0)

  2. Yeah, I've already set up a few test drives for this weekend. I think I'll keep the STI but I guess I should cancel the others. :o)


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