2006 Honda Odyssey: Traction Control

The rain that we've had this past week has allowed me to try another feature of our new 2006 Honda Odyssey: traction control. Or maybe I should say: the lack of traction control?! Of course, my tongue is firmly planted in cheek, because it's a "feature" that I was pleasantly surprised to discover. I guess the 240 ft. lbs. of torque are plenty enough to get the wheels spinning--especially on a slick surface with all-season treads.

My first experience with spinning tires on the Odyssey was at a 4-way stop. I was going uphill so I thought the force of gravity assisted with the pleasant sound of going nowhere. Actually, it startled me at first so my reaction was to release the gas pedal. I don't think the traction control ever activated. The next couple of times were on level roads. It seems very easy to make the tires chirp when the roads are damp. To avoid drawing unwanted attention, I actually had to control myself and consciously feather the throttle very gently--a strange experience for me.

I'm just not used to hearing any wheel spin with the AWD on our 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Also the fun-killer traction control on our 2003 Toyota Sequoia was quite intrusive so the constant beep to tell you that it was activated was quick to start nagging you to "stop driving so stupid!" I'm curious to find out what the "tsk, tsk" limits of the Honda are....

UPDATE: I found out I can make the tires chirp on flat, dry pavement, too :evilgrin:


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