2006 Honda Odyssey - 706km: Philips Crystal Vision Extreme

I picked up a pair of new low beam headlight bulbs from Costco yesterday. This is what the blurb on Philips website says about the Crystal Vision bulbs:
With a color temperature of up to 4,000ºK, no upgrade bulb is closer to the bright blue/white look of HID. CrystalVision delivers the whitest light available from a halogen bulb. Plus, CrystalVision gives you significantly increased light output for much better visibility of road signs and hazards.
These bulbs are made in Germany so I was more inclined to buy them. At about $38 CAD for the pair, the price was reasonable. It was very easy to swap the bulbs and although the colour change is subtle, I definitely appreciate it over the OEM Sylvania bulbs.

The picture below shows the OEM Sylvania low beam bulb on one side and the Philips Crystal Vision Extreme on the other:

This picture shows the Philips Crystal Vision Extreme bulbs on the Honda Odyssey next to the OEM HID headlights on our 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. The colour is pretty close:

An interesting tidbit of information.... The 2006 Honda Odyssey owner's manual specifies that the low beam headlamp bulb is a 51W (HB4, or 9006). The Philips bulbs are actually 55W. I haven't had a chance to take the van out for a nighttime drive yet, but I didn't really notice any immediate increase or decrease in brightness.


  1. Thanks, I was just looking at them today at Costco and was wondering if it was worth it. They are on special at $27.99 a pair

  2. That's an excellent deal. It's the same place that I bought them from.

    I also bought a set for the high-beams, but haven't been able to gain access to swap them--my hand are too big!


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