By the light of the day

Well, I finally got a better look at the damage in daylight. After I washed all the scuff marks off, it's not as bad as I first thought. There were scuff marks from the underside of the bumper to the top but not far enough up to hit the tail light (whew!), so it must have been a smaller car that hit me. Where all the paint was removed will definitely have to be sanded down because it's all rough there....

I crawled under the car and took a look behind the cover and while there is styrofoam in certain areas, there's none in any of the corners. The picture above is NOT my car. It belongs to Subie Gal over on Nasioc and it shows what it looks like with the bumper cover removed.

Where I was hit was just past the bumper beam. I could see where the cover touched metal and it was more to the side--nothing structural--and definitely not too firmly. I guess that's why there are no cracks and the cover kept it's original shape.

My respect goes to the car designers at Subaru to allow that "flex" space to keep damage from that kind of accident to a minimum.

Someone PM'ed me and suggested Colorworks and I'm going to give them a call. They look pretty good and seems like the repair will be under my $300 deductible.


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