2006 Subaru STI: Hit and Run

I had dinner at the Boathouse in New Westminster tonight. Hadn't been there for years because I didn't have good experiences (mostly with service and their unscrupulous automatically-adding-the-tip policy). Gave them a try again and the service was good. Went for stroll with family along the boardwalk afterwards. Took a bunch of pictures. I took the picture you see right before we entered the restaurant. It was a nice evening.

"WAS" is the key point here....

I got home and the first thing my dad says to me after I pull into the garage and get out is: "Somone hit your car?" and he points to the driver's side rear bumper.... I go, "WTF?!?!" and then I see it's totally scuffed up and there's a spot where the paint is totally rubbed off through to the black plastic!!!

It looked like someone who was pulling into the parking spot misjudged the turn-in and hit my bumper. I was parked to the right of a handicapped spot when it happened. When we were leaving a black Saturn with a lot of bumper stickers on it was parked in the handicapped spot and I a saw a big scuff mark on their bumper. I thought at the time, "That's exactly the kind of car I don't want parked next to me." But I didn't think more of it because the spot was wide.

I went back to the restaurant just on the off chance someone had a conscience and I even left my name and number at the front desk of the hotel--yeah, I know it's all futile but I figured I had to do it since I was there. The drive back let me cool down a bit and I got to thinking: the people with the black saturn couldn't have done it. They couldn't be such idiots to smack a car with such force and then park beside it to have dinner. They couldn't be that stupid. It could have been someone backing out of a spot because all the other cars were parked on the other side.

Anyway, I know it's not the fault of the restaurant (and our server Vince was really good) but I don't think I'll ever go back there again. Me and the Boathouse are not a good mix.


  1. Ouch. Sorry to hear that.

    I normally try to park far away from everyone, so I get a little annoyed when I come out to discover someone just *had* to park next to me even though there are tons of empty spots.


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