2006 Subaru STI: Mission Raceway Park

Mission Raceway Park - I went out to the Street Legal Races tonight to try out the STI on the drag strip for the first time. There was another Subie there and it was fun running together. I got there late and missed the first run, but I was able to do five before they closed for the night. My launch technique has a lot to be desired, though....

Staging and watching the lights go green happens so fast there's hardly time to get ready! My best result was the middle run and this is what I got:

60 ft: 2.229
1/4: 14.555
MPH: 96.10

At least I'll have some base numbers to use in the future when/if I do any power modifications. I forgot to charge the battery in my camera so, sorry, there aren't many pictures from tonight.


  1. Just imagine how much faster you'd be if you had more practice. I think the best 1/4 mile for the R has been 14.1 sec (@99.2 mph)--stock of course :p

  2. When I was getting the STI inspected before the race, the track guy asked if it would go in the 13's. If your car goes 13.99 or less, then you HAVE to wear a helmet.

    I told him, "Not with my skill level!" and he agreed :biggrin:

    I've heard that a good launch is a 60 ft time of around 1.7--the best ones are even less. My best 60 ft was 2.18 and the guy I was with did 1.995.

    If I could have launched it like he did, I would have gotten a much better 1/4 time.


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