2006 Subaru STI: Building construction

Building construction

I took this picture today from the roof top of Henderson Mall.

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time on Flickr looking at some really amazing photography, and trying to learn about taking pictures. I think an important part of learning is understanding what you didn't know before....

In the beginning, I was very happy with my first point-and-shoot digital camera. I thought it took great pictures. But as time passed, I realized that there were certain things that I wanted to accomplish that the point and shoot prevented me from doing. I was ready for a digital SLR. I bought the Nikon D50 with a really cheap (free) lens because I knew I didn't know enough to tell the difference. I thought I could eventually buy a new lens when I knew better. Well, I know now that I want a new lens.

Lots of people say that you have to shoot in RAW format. It is the only way to shoot. I tried it after I bought the D50, but I found it a lot of extra work to have to process the RAW file to make it into a presentable picture. I decided instead to shoot in JPG and was very happy with the results... for a while. Over the last couple of days, I've been getting a better understanding of RAW and I went back to the original RAW shots that I had. I liked the results I got after processing this time much better. So today I passed another marker in my photographic journey and have decided that it is important to shoot in RAW format. And that's what I went to try out on the roof-top parking at Henderson today.

Realizing how little you actually know is an important part of learning. And seeing that there is so much more out there to discover is what makes learning so exciting.


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