New Interpretation

A couple of weeks ago I was in Vancouver and I took some pictures of the STI (see New pictures, old camera). I was waiting for a break in pedestrian traffic and this woman just happened to walk into one of the shots. This particular picture has become of my favorites. I posted it on Nasioc and someone did a little Photoshop retouching. His interpretation is what you see above.

On a side note, I got a chance to push the STI a little bit more today. I went into a slow tight corner a lot faster than I would in regular car. As I approached the mid-point I thought for sure the STI was going to understeer and I would have to apply the brakes or exit the corner wider than I anticipated. Since everything was clear, I decided to stay off the brakes and exit wide if needed. To my surprise, the nose tucked in, so I applied some more throttle and the STI never wavered from the exact line I wanted. I was quite impressed :0)

Here's an explanation I found at IWSTI about how the STI is setup:
It is not understeer. It is the front limited slip differential. When power is applied the diff begins to lock. This slows down the outermost wheel and that pulls the car to the outside. When you lift off the throttle, the diff is in more of an unlocking state and the outside wheel can turn more than the inside. This gives a tighter turn when you lift off the throttle.

From someone else:
A couple months after I got my car, I went to Laguna Seca and the instructor with me commented on how well you can steer the car with just the gas. Come in a bit too hot, let off the gas, let the nose tuck in, then roll on the throttle again. You can pretty much keep the steering wheel in the same position and adjust your line with the throttle. Fun stuff.

One more thing: the warmer weather means driving with the windows rolled down and I love hearing the rumble of the boxer engine :biggrin: !


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