Greetings from Illinois

The part I ordered is in transit and on schedule. It passed through Illinois yesterday.

Last summer I drove through Chicago on a road trip from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Washington, DC. I was particularly excited because even though it was my first time in Chicago, I felt that I was familar with the city already--especially the skyline along the Chicago Harbor. Back in the early personal computer days (early 1980's) I did a lot of flying in and out of Meigs Field on Northerly Island using Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can find out more about the History of Microsoft Flight Simulator at Wikipedia. Click here to open this placemark in Google Earth.

So last summer when we drove through I-90/I-94, I felt like I was re-visiting one of my childhood retreats and it was strangely comforting seeing a building for the very first time in person and knowing exactly what was behind it. I have fond memories of crashing into the Sears Tower many, many times:


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