2006 Subaru STI: Carbon Fiber Roof Spoiler

I picked up the carbon fiber roof vane yesterday after work. Rush hour traffic was terrible, but I was able to make it there and back in plenty of time. It was actually my first time in Point Roberts, WA. The whole process of receiving the package and bringing it back to Canada was quite smooth and the border guards were quite pleasant to deal with. And it only cost me $2.20 USD :0) for the shipping services. I'm sure if I had a courier company bring it across for me I would have paid a lot on brokerage fees.

These are the first pictures. The actual weight of the carbon fiber is about 820 grams (1 lb 13 oz). I'll be installing this after breakfast and it will be interesting to see how much the stock steel one weighs.


  1. You should display the stock spoiler on a wall--like a hunting trophy or something ;o)


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