At the speed of electrons

In stark contrast to my dealings with the local Lordco store down the road from my house (see the blog entry here), it was a pleasure to deal with RavSpec Online who happens to be thousands of miles away, across the North American continent in New York.

I recieved an email today telling me that the part I ordered through a group buy was ready to ship and would I please send the final payment. I had a question about the actual amount so I emailed a reply and within minutes I received a response. I promptly sent my payment through PayPal and the product was processed through UPS the same afternoon. Whoo-hoo! I'm so excited. The custom-made carbon fiber roof vane should arrive next week just in time for the long weekend!


  1. I'm already looking forward to seeing your installation pictures ;o) Are you going to install it yourself?

  2. Yup! It should be pretty straight-forward. I wonder, though, how flexible carbon fiber is. I imagine that roof vane must be under a lot of force when the car is at speed.


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