VW R32: Service Action 60A7

I learned today that VW currently has a service action out (described to me alternatively as “S9” or “60A7”) for the inspection of the 2004 R32's moonroof drain. According to my invoice the dealership modified the moonroof drains; whether that entailed installation of new parts or modification of current parts I don’t know. As it was free, I suspect the latter.

FYI, latest TSBs for the 2004 R32 from the NHTSA.

Since my 50k miles scheduled maintenance was more than a year ago, I took my R in today expecting to have the “60k miles” service done, despite only having 54k miles on the odometer. To my surprise the dealership told me all I needed was a “55k miles” service which was simply an oil change. I was surprised because according to the information on VWoA there is no “55k miles” service for the 2004 R32 – it goes from 50k directly to 60k. Odd.

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  1. Well, I have read that you should change the oil at least once a year if you don't drive it that much.

    Since you didn't put many kilometers on it over the year, an oil change is all you need to keep it nice and fresh!


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