ProPride 3P Hitch: Impressions

We just completed the trip with our new 2010 Keystone Premier 31BHPR travel trailer. It was also my first experience towing with the ProPride hitch. However, because I couldn't complete the entire installation in one day, I have some doubts my own setup. I need to remove the hitch anyway so that our dealer can work on the trailer, so I'll be able to reinstall the hitch and make sure I do it right. Here are my initial impressions on towing with the ProPride hitch....

  • It's definitely easy to hook up with no effort--the Denali's backup camera makes it simple. But it's time consuming having to raise and lower the WD bars with a socket wrench whenever I want to hitch and unhitch. My cordless drill doesn't have enough torque to turn the adjustment screw, otherwise I would use it.
  • After hooking up and adjusting the weight distribution bars, the trailer was nose-high. I wasn't able to fix it right away, but after we got to the KOA I was able lower the hitch bar one more notch to the lowest setting to get it down a bit more. It's still a little high, but only by about an inch or so.
  • I wasn't sure at first how high to bring up the WD bars. I started at 7" but after checking at the scales, I raised it up to 8". It seemed to tow OK on the I-5 southbound at 65 mph but when turned off on Hwy 20 and cruised at about 55 mph I noticed some forward and back tugging. I wasn't sure what was causing that feeling until I checked into the campground. The ranger pointed out right away that I was nose-high and asked if I was getting that that forward/back motion. He said that being nose high would cause it. I learned something new!
  • Coming home, with the WD bars still adjusted at 8" but the hitch bar lower, the forward/back motion was less but still there. While we were stopped at Camping World, I adjusted it down to 6.5" to see what would happen. That eliminated the forward/back tugging, but it made the front of the Denali too light and steering was compromised. I made another adjustment to 7.25" and that made it more stable. I think next time I'll try it at 7.5"


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