Unlock LG Eve GW620 Android Phone

After many years of resisting, I recently jumped into the world of cell phone ownership and purchased the new LG Eve GW620. It's the first Android phone from LG and Canada is one of the first countries in the world to receive it. I'm not a big talker, but I wanted the phone for the 3G data access and the ability to run different apps.

I already own a 32GB iPod Touch so the natural transition would have been to get an iPhone 3GS. However, restrictive Apple policies (regarding their products and App store) as well as the high cost of the iPhone ($300 for the 32GB, even with a 3-year contract) turned me off.

The LG Eve GW620 cost $50 with a 3-year contract but I got it basically for free because it came from Costco with a $75 gift card and a car charger as a bonus. Rogers has a current promotion right now selling the Eve for $0.99 with no activation fee and a $50 gift card. A much better value than the iPhone where no bonuses or deals are offered.

The Android market isn't as extensive as the the App Store, but I see the potential with open source and the power of Google. I've been able to find an app to suit all my needs and I like how the phone can run multiple apps at the same time.

It comes installed with Android 1.5 but there are people who have already figured out how to root the LG GW620 and are now working on getting Android 2.0 running on it. They're making good progress and I can't wait to see what they can do. The LG GW620 will be released in the Czech Republic in early 2010 January, and in the Netherlands and the UK in late January which means even more potential for the phone.

So far I'm very pleased with the LG GW620. There was a bit of a learning curve making the transition from iPod Touch user interface. I'm not patient enough to read the owner's manual, but after some quality quiet time playing with the phone I was able to customize it the way I wanted. I really like the way apps can be organized on the phone much better than the vast mess of pages that are on the iPhone. The LG Eve GW620 has a slide-out keyboard with a very solid feel. It also has a 5.0 megapixel camera with a built-in flash and facial recognition. For some reason, though, it still seems to take blurry pictures. I'll have to take some shots under good conditions to see how the camera performs. The screen is smaller than on the iPhone but it's acceptable. I miss the ability to double-tap on the the web browser to zoom in and out of sections of the page.

I bought an unlock code off of eBay for $6 and unlocked the LG GW620 because I'm planning on buying a pre-paid SIM card when I go travelling in the US. The procedure to unlock the phone is really easy:

  1. Find the phone's 15-digit IMEI number by pressing *#06# on the dialer.
  2. Submit the IMEI number to the seller to get the unlock code.
  3. When you get the unlock code, enter 2945#*620# on the dialer.
  4. You are allowed 10 attempts to unlock the phone. Enter the unlock code and when the phone reboots it is unlocked.
To confirm that the phone is unlocked, the next time you enter 2945#*620# on the dialer, the phone will say "Your phone is not personalized."

Nice and simple! My favorite app right now? Foursquare :0)


  1. Wow! Are you really saying that you haven't owned a cellphone before :D?

    Btw, if you are looking for a carholder I suggest using a Brodit device holder + proclip combination. I have installed them in various vehicles and everytime I am surprised about the exact fit. They can be removed without leaving any mark to your dashboard, I have tried it myself ;)

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  3. Tim,

    I haven't had a need/want for a cell phone in the past, but these new smart phones are so powerful that they're like mini computers. I *always* have a nee/want for a new computer ;-)

  4. Z-Day,

    To add a Widget, press and hold your finger on a blank area on any of the 3 home screens. A window will pop up giving you the choice of adding something to the desktop (Short cuts, Widgets, Folders, Wallpapers).

  5. Hi,
    I am looking an purchasing a used LG EVE that is currently locked to the Rogers network. I am planning on using this phone on the Fido network. The question I have is ..

    What do you mean "Submit the IMEI number to the seller to get the unlock code."

    Do I go to rogers store or call them and give them this number?

    Will they be willing to give me the unlock code with no problems?

    Thanks in advance!


  6. Bobby,

    It is highly unlikely that Rogers will give you the unlock code happily.

    I found a seller on ebay that was selling unlock codes for $6. I figured that price was well worth it for getting an unlock code very fast and stress free.

    Unfortunately, I recently received an email message from the person I bought it from stating that due to ebay policies, they will be no longer able to sell unlock codes on ebay. Hopefully, there may be other sellers available.

    If you can't find another seller, I can foward the contact info of the person I used.

    Good luck!

  7. Hi Stragazer,
    Thank you so much to responding to my post. This was the first time I have used an online blog to answer my questions. I will keep you updated on my struggles to get a phone that I can sync my google calendar and emails (gmail) to a phone on the Fido network.


  8. Bobby,

    Good luck with your search. Because the LG Eve is running Android, a lot of Google services already come packaged with it. I have no problems synchronizing Google Calendar and gmail on the phone. I also like how Google Calendar syncs with Outlook on my desktop. I can access everything that I need on the phone.

    Since Fido is a subsidiary of Rogers, I'd hope that the network access settings would be similar.

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  10. I have an LG GW620 locked by Virgin Mobile. I have been trying to find an unlock code but I stucked at this code you need to type: 2945#*620# . After this I typed my imei number but I got an error message. I'm sure the unlock code should be typed in here, but what is the unlock code anyway?

  11. gybalint,

    Unlock codes are based upon your IMEI number so you'll need an unlock code specific to your phone. I bought mine from ebay for $6.

    Once you type the number sequence posted above, you enter the unlock code that you have and your phone will be unlocked. I believe that you get only 10 attempts before the phone locks you out.

  12. Hey i am looking to buy one of the unlock codes as well, since they no longer are offered on eBay where else can i get them from? Or could you provide me with info on contacting the person you bought them from?

  13. Thanks for this! I successfully unlocked my phone.

  14. first place I found unlock instructions-- thanks much!

  15. could it be possible to send me the id of the ebay guy, who sold u the unlock code, i'm in need very much to unlock my gw620, thank you, please email to iicckkyy@hotmail.com, thank you very much.

  16. I may b fik due 2 late hour but whos the seller in unlockin my optimus lg 540????

  17. ":( It didn't work for me - I got a set of codes and none worked... I'm on Rogers and out of the contract; they still want $50 to unlock it... Also, does it matter whose sim card I have in it when I try to unlock it?

  18. update: after rebooting with a **non-Rogers** SIM card and a 6th code - it worked!


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