AT&T Pre-paid SIM Card for LG Eve GW620

I went across the border to Washington state yesterday to buy a AT&T pre-paid SIM card for my unlocked LG GW620 Eve Android phone. I did some research on different carriers and found that AT&T was my best choice for a GSM network with 3G data access for pre-paid accounts. Despite the Verizon advertisements that like you to believe otherwise, coverage was actually better than some other carriers I checked out. (Verizon is not GSM so I didn't consider them at all.)

On eBay, you can buy a AT&T pre-paid SIM card for just under $10. I decided to take my chances and stop at a kiosk at a mall since I was going down to the US to do some shopping anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that the SIM card was free. All they asked for was my first and last name (no ID required) and they scanned my phone for the IMEI number. And that was it. No charge, no fuss. They told me to buy minutes at the Radio Shack in the mall. I bought $100 because that would give me 1 year before it expired.

Once the minutes were added, I had phone access right away. Data access did not come as easily. I found out that I need to add a data package for $5 for 1MB (or $20 for 100MB) before I could access the 3G network. That was simple enough to do, but I still could not download any data. Since the LG GW620 Eve is currently sold only in Canada, the AT&T support could not give me specific help. I found the Mobile Networks settings on the LG GW620 and discovered that it was still trying to connect to a Rogers Access Point. When I called 611 again and asked for the Access Point Name (APN) I was transfered to 2nd level Tech Support, but after 30 minutes, they still couldn't find the info I needed. I'm sure they were trying to run an emulator to find the settings on a similar phone, but of course there way no other AT&T LG phone similar to it.

Lucky for me, I discovered that there was a AT&T store close to the Best Buy I was parked at. I went in, showed them the screen with the info I needed, and gave the clerk my phone. He knew exactly what to look for, punched a few buttons on his keyboard and entered the info into my phone. I had 3G access as soon as he handed the phone back to me! Whoo, hoo!

We travel in the US during the summer quite frequently so the pre-paid AT&T card will be much more economical than paying Rogers' outrageous roaming fees for voice and data.


  1. I would love it if you would email me and talk about me buying an LG Eve, I am in WA state. You could maybe add a line and then with what I pay you pay the early termination fee and still make a little money,

  2. I'd be absolutely thrilled if you could do the same for me. I'd absolutely LOVE to get an android phone that would work with AT&T's 3g.

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  4. godzirra at gmail dot com. Kind of forgot to leave that important info. ;)

  5. Hi,I just have a few questions for you. Did your LG EVE have Rogers items on it? I have done everything you said to do and talked to everyone at AT&T including Technical Support and they keep saying there is nothing they can do. I can not surf the web, use and applications nor do I have 3G service. The only thing is that I am not on prepaid. Do you have any ideas on what I should do?

    Thank You,

  6. Oh i forgot to leave an email address, it is

  7. Im pretty sure all I need is the APN settings to get 3G now. If you could provide them to me I would be foreverrrrr graciousssss!!!

  8. Justin,

    I'll give you the APN settings that are on my LG Eve. This is what I currently have under the "Access Point Name" in the wireless settings:

    Name: ATT (I created that myself)
    APN: wap.cingular
    Proxy: *not set*
    Port: *not set*
    Password: ******** (see below)
    Server: *not set*
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
    APN Type: *not set*

    The store associate entered the password without telling me what it was so I did a search for AT&T APN information and found this:

    Password: CINGULAR1

    I'm pretty sure that's the right password but I don't know if it is case-sensitive--probably not.

    I hope those settings work for you!

  9. No this did not work, I have tried that many times. Do you have any other suggestions? I really appreciate the help. =]

  10. Are you physically located in the US right now? I know my AT&T card won't work while I'm in Canada. You also mentioned that you don't have a pre-paid (pay-as-you-go) account. If you are on a monthly contract, does it include data access? Do you have one of the newer AT&T SIM cards that support 3G? I read that some older ones don't. My SIM card has a little 3G fireball printed on it.

    If you are in the US, I recommend you go to an AT&T store like I did and have them setup the APN for you. That's really all I did (and pay for extra data access) to get my Rogers LG Eve GW620 to work.

  11. Yes I am in the US and I have The HTC TILT 2 data plan wich has the data plan. I jus received a new sim card 2 weeks ago with a 3g fireball as well. Ive been to 2 different AT&T stores and no one will even touch the phone for me since it isnt one of theirs. I have tried everything I know. Thank you for the help though.

  12. I like the cell phnoes of the LG series very much !It seems so beautiful!Wow!

  13. Justin,

    I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. That's really all that was changed on my LG Eve GW620 to get it to work on the AT&T network. I'm planning another trip down to the US soon, so I'll be able to test it again.

    If you can get it working, I'd be interested in hearing what the solution was.

    Good luck!

  14. Okay thank you anyway for all the help. I will let you know if I fix it.

  15. Guys,

    The GSM's really get specific with case sensitivity on certain settings. If you haven’t already tried this in the APN:

    Password to CINGULAR1 (UPPERCASE)

    Let me know, Good Luck
    - Luke

  16. Yes that is what I have it set to and still nothing. Thank you though.

  17. Guys;

    Just FYI. I received a LG Eve brand new here in the US today locked to Rogers fresh from a Canadian seller. I followed the unlock procedure, entered the above settings and 1/2 hour later - Unlocked to AT&T here in NJ with 3g and MMS working fine. Thanks for the info... Good Luck!


  18. Wish I knew how to fix my LG EVE to AT&T 3G! Im sick of the EDGE network.

  19. Justin,

    I'm really sorry that you haven't got yours working, yet I went across the border to Washington State and put the AT&T SIM card in my LG Eve. At first I forgot the change the APN, but as soon as I did that everything worked. I got 3G access and was able to download apps and get full Internet access.

    Is there any way for you to restore the phone back to factory settings and start over?

  20. Yes I have already tried that and still after I set up the AT&T APN it goes to EDGE. I have no clue what the problem could be.

  21. Hi stargazer, just wondering if you could tell me how much ram the eve has? Some sites say 256mb, some say 150mb...what is it exactly? :)

  22. lin71f, I checked my owner's manual and unfortunately it does not list any detailed specifications. On the LG Canada site, it states that the internal memory is either 4GB or 2GB, which isn't much help:

    On the phone itself it doesn't tell me the total space available, only what I have remaining. I've installed a TON of apps including wallpapers and ringtones. I also use WAZE, a data intensive, user-generated mapping app and I have about 52MB of free space on the phone.

    My phone also came with a 2GB microSDHC card, but I bought a 4 GB to use.

  23. This is a good Android phone with great features:
    However, there are some updates you must do before having great wireless service,

    1. remove the original POP3 mailbox and replace with K-9 Mail from "Google Market"
    (your email service service will be 100% fast and smooth)

    2. go to to download the update for the phone. Note that the software has error: XP only.

  24. Thank you guys all so much for your posts. I read what was written. AT&T was totally unwilling to help me out. I also bought an LG EVE...but with the APN and MMS settings, MY PHONE NOW WORKS. I wish I could buy you guys a BEER! YOU ROCK!!! THANKS from Mike, Louisville, KY

  25. That's awesome. Glad you got it working!

  26. Could you message me too pls? I have some questions about the Sim card and the phone too..Can you use any other prepaid sim card in canada??
    mariamalke100@gmail .com thx

  27. Hello to all,
    Stargazer you are the Man. (person, to be politicly correct)
    Got myself an LG eve ex rogers unlocked last week with 1.5 original.
    Upgraded to Froyo (2.2) from open etna.
    Now the device really rocks.
    BTW using it on Bell in Quebec with APN settings from bell site,
    DO NOT install Flashplayer 2.1. no good.
    I will try With my AT&T prepaid in the US on my next visit.
    Thanks a bunch


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