VW R32: VentureShield

I decided it's much cheaper to install clear sticker on the R than having to have it repainted. I had some VentureShield clear sticker installed on the front of the R. It covers the front part of the hood, the HIDs, front bumper, and part of the front fenders. So far I'm pretty happy with it. As a bonus, the sticker makes washing off bugs pretty easy.

I like how the HIDs look with sticker, removing the need for the Lexan covers; I'm still not entirely comfortable with it, though. I just have some slight difficulty wrapping my mind around the notion that a piece of flexible plastic sticking directly to the HIDs is as or even more protective than solid plastic sitting in front, not against, the HIDs.

Click below the fold for pictures.

The arrows in this first pic indicate the edges of the clear sticker.

The VentureShield is invisible a short distance away.


  1. The car I'm looking at to get (2009 Pontiac G8) has a sticker like that stock. It's pretty near!


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