VW R32: Sharan antenna

One of the first things I changed on my R was the stock antenna -- it reminded me of those long metal wires sticking out the top of old trains and buses that connect to overhead electric cables. The problem with installing a different antenna, though, was that most that caught my eye ended up touching the rear spoiler when the hatch was open.

For a little more than 5 years I made do with a S2000 antenna lookalike and an angle adapter. Still, in addition to being difficult to line up properly, with time the adapter became floppy and no longer performed the purpose for which it was intended -- preventing the antenna from touching the spoiler.

See below the fold for more and pics.

Back in the day I'd considered the VW Sharan antenna, but it was always out of stock at Hillside Imports. Why not order it from a dealership? First, the Sharan isn't sold in the U.S. or Canada. Second, I believe there's some sort of modification required with the threads to make the Sharan antenna fit the antenna base of a 2004 R32.

Anywhoo, a couple weeks ago I discovered the Sharan antenna was in stock.


  1. You said it was in stock, however im in new york and as you said it doesnt ship to the US or Canada. Did you find a site that does?


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