VW R32: Bumper side markers

While I was having my city lights wired like DRLs I learned that one of my bumper side markers had partially melted. Eh... what!? These particular clear side markers were from 42 Draft Designs.

Anywhoo, upon learning of this I immediately ordered new clear bumper side markers -- from a different company! -- as well as yellow LEDs to reduce heat output.

Bumper side markers are easy to replace. Push in towards the front part of the side marker (there’s a spring behind it). Slide side marker slightly to the right and then remove by angling it out to the left. Bulb pulls straight out from bulb holder.

For some reason pictures I upload are all over-sized, so here are the links:

Melted side marker (jpg) from 42 Draft Designs.

ECS Tuning Diamond Clear bumper side marker with yellow LED

Additional details

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  1. Wow, that's scary. Good thing it didn't do any more damage.

    Did you have to install some resistors so that the turn signals didn't blink super fast from the LEDs?

  2. Actually, my fender side markers blink with the turn signal, but not my bumper side markers. Though... now that you mention it I'm going to double-check.

  3. I double-checked: only the fender -- not bumper -- side markers blink on my R.


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